Ever wondered what would happen if you took a picture of yourself and turned it into a caricature?

Ever thought what you would do with that caricature?


Maybe make a sketch show or use it in an advert or even just for laughs.


Well now you can.

Turn that fizzog into something really funny.

But wait, lets not stop there, how about we now stick a body on it.

Lets not stop there either, lets go the whole hog.





Go on a trip to the moon, take a moon walk in the literal sense or even moon walk on the moon.

Put your caricature somewhere you could never be or with someone you could never meet.

A word of warning here, lets keep it clean this is a family run business, nothing too naughty.

[responsive_youtube mlYRe8K3XAo]

The caricature elements you have control of are: head, eyes, movement and actions.

You can change the caricatures: eyes, lips, ears, hair, eye brows, neck, top, wrists, legs and shoes.

You can add any background of your own even a movie (subject to size).

We can build any generic background i.e. woodland, city etc.

You can add any sound file, music or speech (works best) both can be synchronised to your caricature.

Great for jokes, birthday gifts etc.

All this and prices starting from £30 (based on a 1/2 minute clip and 4 caricatures).


Check out this link to a video called: Rocking Out with the Davis Family.