We're dedicated to helping you get the most from your valuable photo's and video's

What do you do with all your photos and videos when you return home?

Do you just leave them on your phone/camera? 

Or do they just take up space on your computer? 

Do you spend a small fortune getting your photo's printed and then they sit untouched in a drawer forever more ? 

Even if you're an avid techie and regularly upload to Facebook, YouTube or something similar.


We Believe We Can Offer Something Different.



Re-live those memories of your children, loved ones or even your wedding. 

All Done with the magic of computers and the guys at Living Memories Disc's. 

Bring some life back to those tired old Photo's. Make a gift to a loved one. 

Help someone remember those good times. 

Send a unique gift to a relative abroad. 

Or do it just for you. 

Whatever the reason,

don't lose those precious memories.



Sharing Life's Moments

All This As Standard

With Prices Starting

At £25:00 each


Customise Your DVD:

Add Music - Voice Overs

Voice Overs and Music - Special Effects 

Picture in Picture - Multiple Transitions

Anything Within the Bounds Of Reality 

The Choice Is Yours