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We are a small, family business based in Bournemouth. We have over 40 years IT experience and more than 10 years experience of producing multimedia DVD's.

By being a small business we are able to offer a personal service.

Our primary aim is to delivery to you a product which will exceed all your expectations.

We recognise how valuable your photographs and videos are and we will treat them with care.

We will deliver back to you a product which will genuinely make your photos come alive!

Using the latest computer software there are a multitude of features and options available to create a multimedia DVD for you.

For our interactive photo DVD's, to simplify things, we have a single distinct product type and the opportunity for a complete custom development (perhaps for a special occasion such as a wedding).


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Take a look at our Samples & Projects Page and use our Contact Us and Shop Pages for information. We can process digital photographs, traditional photographs, slides, negatives and video clips (video clips must be in a digital format i.e. AVI, MP4, WMV etc).

Use our Shop page to select your order requirements. Or contact us for a price breakdown, if using our Shop pages please fill out all relevant parts.
You'll will receive an email once we are in receipt of your completed order and another if posting media i.e. your photographs and cheque if paying by this method.
Or if your media is online then send us the link i.e. Facebook, Vimeo etc, with the completed form and make payment using one of our three methods.

We will email you again once we start and again when we are ready to return your materials and completed DVD.

We strongly recommend the use of recorded delivery post and an envelope with suitable protection for the delicate contents. We will return all of your items along with your DVD(s) in a secure package using the same method.

Digital photographs:
It is much safer to send us copies of all of your files wherever possible. Please send us your files on a CD, a memory card, a memory stick or a data DVD. Number or Name the files in the order that you wish them to appear on your new DVD.

These can be included alongside digital photographs on a single media storage item (if there is enough space). Video will take up far more space on a DVD than photographs so work on the assumption that you cannot fit more than 60 minutes on a single DVD. You can specify time ranges on a video file to exclude unwanted filming and include only the best content in your new DVD.

Printed photographs:
You need to indicate the order in which your photographs will appear on your new DVD. As well as packaging them in order we suggest you number them (in pencil, lightly on the back) from 1 to n. We will then scan them before including on the DVD.
We accept a mixture of traditional and digital media - just make sure that the running order for all of the items sent is clearly stated.

In general:
We will attempt to improve the quality of a photograph as best we can but we are not miracle workers (and neither are the computers we use). So although we can brighten the dark ones and darken the light ones we can't :
* cure camera shake or blurred pictures
* focus an out of focus picture
* add the top of the heads you cut off by mistake!

Music tracks:
You can use any of your favourite pieces of music to play in the background as your photographs are displayed. The "right" music can really enhance the final product; similarly the "wrong" music can spoil it. Think very carefully about the mood you want to create and choose tracks which reflect this.
To protect the copyright of the artist you must either have already bought the music or we will need to purchase and download it on your behalf. If you already have the music we ask you to convert it to digital format (MP3 or WMA format for example) and include it along with your other digital files. Alternatively you could include a music CD in the envelope but this will increase the size and cost of the package you send to us.

At present we can offer 3 payment types. You can pay by sending us a cheque with your order, Bank Transfer or you can use the secure PayPal system.

Contact us:
We are more than happy to discuss your requirements - if in doubt give us a ring and we can discuss your needs in more detail before you post us your package. If we are unable to answer the telephone please leave a message and we will return your call.
Once you are ready to despatch your package containing your photographs/slide/negatives, digital media and / or music we ask that you advise us by email.

You can get in touch by filling in our Contact form

Our terms:
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you placing an order. When you place your order with us you are agreeing to these terms.
You/your refers to yourself, the customer. We/us/our refers to 'Living Memories Disc's'.

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