Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboarding: all the rage at the moment, a simple way to advertise your website or services without getting bogged down in reams of words and pages.

Used by a few famous brands in their TV advertising. We can do the same, we can produce a whiteboard advert or slide show for you a at fraction of the cost of the big firms.

The big brand firms pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds for a whiteboard advert, we aim to greatly reduce that price. 

Our overheads are minimal and we pass these savings directly back to you, the customer.

Here's an example of one of our whiteboard services.

This one was done for a charity that Living Memories Disc's supported.

This is something close to our hearts, lets help these wonderful children have the best life possible folks.

This one is an explainer of Living Memories Disc's and is used on various sites to promote our business.

If you think you would like to avail yourself of this service then please contact us with your video requirements and we will try to give you a ballpark figure as to price.