Terms & Conditions

Our terms
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you placing an order. When you place your order with us you are agreeing to these terms.
You/your refers to yourself, the customer. We/us/our refers to ‘Living Memories Disc’s’.

1. Data Protection
We promise to respect your privacy and confidentiality. All materials will be held on our system for thirty days (after completion of a DVD); this period allows you time to request any further copies. We will not pass on any information about you to a third party.

2. Copyright
You must ensure that all of the material you send us does not infringe on any third parties copyright, patent or trademark. We reserve the right to refuse any work that may already be copyrighted material, or for any other reason at our discretion. Where you have requested music which you have asked us to purchase on your behalf, we will only use a recognised, legal download site to obtain the track(s). If we are unable to source the music we will contact you for alternative choice(s).

3. Loss or Damage
We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your photographs/photo media whilst in the hands of the postal service. We always recommend the use of the recorded delivery postal service and that you send copies of all photographs and videos if at all possible. You should ensure that the packaging you use provides adequate protection for your valuable photographs, CDs and other digital media.
In the very unlikely event of loss or damage after receipt to us we will refund a maximum replacement value of up to £50.

4. Your Responsibility
Please do not send any material which is of an obscene or offensive nature (this includes items of a racial, sexual, defamatory, offensive or discriminatory nature). We reserve the right to refuse material at our discretion. Living Memories Disc’s produce products aimed at a family audience.

5. DVD compatibility
All of our DVD disks are tested on at least 2 types of DVD players prior to dispatch. In the unlikely event that your DVD will not play on your machine (clearly there are many makes and models of DVD player in use) we ask you to contact us with details of the problem and the make and model of your machine. We will check for any compatibility issues specific to your DVD player; just return the faulty disk to us and we will replace it free of charge.

6. Complaint
If you are not satisfied with the finished DVD and we did not carry out your instructions as specified on your order form, contact us to see if we can rectify the problem. If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will refund the monies paid to us and the order will be cancelled.

7. Music
Please supply your music either in digital format (MP3/WMA) or on audio CD(s) with your chosen tracks (these will be returned to you). As long as you have legally purchased the music and will use the DVD for your own personal use this falls within your rights under the ‘fair use provision’ of copyright laws. If you do not already own the music you wish to use on your DVD we will attempt to purchase it for you (this is at additional cost). We will locate and purchase single tracks on your behalf from a legal download site. If we are unable to source your chosen music we will contact you to discuss alternative options.

8. Delivery
Our target is to deliver your order within 14 days of receipt, but please allow up to 21 days. This may change due to workloads and seasonal variations but if we do have any delays we will inform you and advise a completion date. An estimated date of dispatch will be confirmed with the order confirmation email we send you. If your order is not available for delivery after 28 days you are entitled to cancel your order and receive a refund of monies paid to us.
We will return your original materials and your new DVD(s) using the recorded delivery service.

9. Payment
Your order will be processed at the published prices at the time the order is placed. Your payment must be received by us prior to your order being dispatched.

10. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

We welcome any questions or queries you may have – or any feedback you’d like to share with us.